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HR strategy of our company is to systematically control human resources in a relationship with projects development of foreign customers. The mail goal is a choice of high-quality employees, ensuring their overall preparedness, continuous improving their professional knowledges and individual expertise.

Why Senior Flexonics Czech?

Statement of values

Senior Flexonics Czech s. r. o. is a company that builds on ethic norms. We appreciate the balance between work and personal life of our employees. We also appreciate relationships with all our customers and suppliers. We are a company with active spirit and we welcome any kinds of changes.

For our employees we try to create an environment which offers stability, motivating reward system and professional growth.

By joining us you will get:

  • Job in a dynamically developing company
  • Safe and ethic environment
  • Chance of personal growth
  • Interesting salary evaluation
  • Motivating rewarding system and employee benefits
  • Contact with latest modern technologies
  • Environment of modern production factory

This is who we are and who we are looking for

Financial and Budget Analyst

"In my job I appreciate primarily friendly attitude of my colleagues. It is much easier to face new tasks, which appear thanks to dynamical growth of the company, with smile and willingness. The company is able to recognise a talent and potential of individuals and enable them career growth also within different departments."

Tool Maker

"I have always placed emphasis on the qualities such as carefulness and reliability which are highly appreciated in our company. I am responsible for correct running of tools and production machines, that is why my work is not monotonous and is still filling me with satisfaction. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in new projects involving various modern technologies. So I have still possibility to develop and improve."


"Work team and good relationships with colleagues and superiors, which I have found here, were always important for me. I am satisfied with changing work activities which makes my job variable and interesting."

Job offers overview

Are you interested in some work position or do you want us to know about you and send us your CV?

Contact us by filling the questionnaire

Cooperation possibilities (students)

Are you interested in our company? Are you looking for an interesting part-time job, professional praxis or internship connected with creating a final thesis? Are you finishing your studies and looking for employment? Contact us.

We have a huge interest to interconnect universities and our company and we give opportunities to graduates of technical specialization with no work experience and also students who are looking for practical experience in our company. You can acquire cooperation with specialists from quality department, technical department and assistance by creating your bachelor or master thesis.

To contact us fill the questionnaire or use direct HR department contacts:

E-mail address: seniorflexonics@teamio.eu

Tel.: 585 151 177 and 585 151 182

Where to find us?

Senior Flexonics Czech s.r.o.
Průmyslová 733/9
779 00 Olomouc - Holice
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