Purchasing and logistics

Purchasing and logistics in Olomouc factory are important organization parts, which provide an opportunity for a complex controlling of material flow from the suppliers to the customers.

Our customers specify their requirements in a form of call-offs which are the base for expedition, production planning and purchase in a time period. The call-offs in EDI messages form are processed by company managing and planning system. This system guarantees that logistics chain works as a complex unit and brings advantages to all involved sites.

Suppliers portal

Application supplier portal is a device for communication between customers and suppliers through web page. Main meaning of communication by supplier portal is to speed up and facilitate processes in supplier-customer chain.

Application supplier portal enables communication with customers in three main areas which are possible to combine based on supplier character.

The first area is a communication in a form of discreet purchase orders. This area displays basic purchase orders and order items with terms and delivery amount.

The second area is a communication based on display of supplier schedule, which enables better supplier orientation in long-term horizon. The application enables in this mode to compare the requested orders in a time horizon in particular specification of the delivery. The supplier acquires a fast overview of changes between current and previous order.

Another area is providing information about current status of stock in consignment warehouse which supplier refills.

Documents to download

  Common purchase conditions

  Quality assurance agreement


David Matuška
Logistics and Purchasing Director

e-mail: dmatuska@seniorflexonics.cz
tel. +420 585 151 189


Zdeňka Kovářová
Head of the Warehouse

e-mail: zkovarova@seniorflexonics.cz
tel. +420 585 151 779

Signing into supplier system

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