Quality information, OHS and environment

Quality is the key for gaining customers satisfaction and confidence. Because of this we have created an integrated management system. This system consists of quality management system, environmental management system (EMS) and occupational health and safety system (OHS).

Quality management system

Our company has got an integrated and certified management system of quality which is based on technical specification IATF 16949.

The politics of quality management of the company is to satisfy current customers and their expected needs and ensuring that qualities and technologies are in agreement with their requirements.

The company plans and provides sources for realization identified process systems of management in a way that requirements of all interested sides are fulfilled including law requirements and other regulations.

We provide many activities connected to certified system ISO TS 16949 in an environment oriented to the customer. Our standard is created by metallurgic analyses, auditing products or developing programs for suppliers. We deal also with PFMEA, control plans according to AIAG, PPAP, statistics control of processes and feasibility studies.

Our success depends on customers satisfaction and this is why high quality of products in the highest goal of each employee of the company.

Environmental protection system

By implementation ISO 14001 norm expresses our company an attitude to environment and an effort to actively participate on environment protection, creation of safe and healthy work conditions for our employees and their continuous improvement.

Occupational health and safety system

The company has got declared the politics of OHS as the main priority in agreement with strategic intentions and as a proof of responsibility and safety. The company undertakes:

  • protection of employee health and health of all other people by respecting and continual improvement of conditions for safe work and work environment,
  • lower the danger of injuries and damages when running all activities with an emphasis on prevention and strict causation investigation and accepting effective correctional steps in order to remove or restrict them,
  • Support and motivate all employees to strengthen the responsibility for their own safety, occupational health and safety of other people, safety of company properties and for safety in company area.

Occupational health and safety system is certified due to norm ISO 45001 requirements.



Testing and measurement

We test and measure our products in our own laboratory. In a case of need we test them in an independent extern laboratory.

Some used testing and measure devices:

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